From small beginnings, great things may grow. Over the next few years, Paige Britton and myself hope to share with you hundreds of Bible commentaries, articles, and lesson outlines from the life of Gregory Donovan, my father.

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The Bridge is Love

In Eph. 4:15, the Apostle Paul calls us to "speak the truth in love." The following may serve as illustration.

Imagine a train crossing a bridge over a deep chasm. The train is truth; the bridge is love. In relationships with others, we must first build up our love for them, and their perception of it. Only then may we send the heavy truth of truth between us.


My Dad's Prayer

Reading my dad's final journal tonight, I came across a time that he was praying with someone and he says that he gave them "both sides" of Phil. 1. I am certain this is what he meant. A greater testament to his character (in the Holy Spirit) could not be imagined. May it be true of all of us.